Eva Petrič kot modna kreatorka v Liski na Grabnu

Na dunajskem Grabnu, konkretno v modni trgovini Liski, pripravlja slovenska multimedijska umetnica Eva Petrič svoj poseben, lahko bi rekli kar modno kreatorski projekt.

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Eva Petrič kot modna kreatorka

Prva predstavitev bo jutri, 3. maja, med 16. in 18. uro, sicer pa v času odprtja trgovine Liska v ponedeljek, torek ali sredo (od 6. do 8. maja).

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Kreacije v belem in črnem

Naslov modne kreacije Eve Petrič je InDayNightOut. Poglejmo kako je mednarodnemu občinstvu svoj projekt predstavila sama umetnica.

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Možne kombinacije unikatnih izdelkov

InDayNightOut, my fashion collection that does not sleep, does not believe in “the right way” of wearing clothes. Going beyond that, it crosses borders of gender, culture, time and belief systems.

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Ženska samozavest

It goes by what feels right, giving a voice to the inner world of our collective unconsciousness where day and night are one and where white and black are both essential elements and reside happily and respectfully side by side, supporting one another – as do all the separate laces in my Human Fish image – the blue print of my InDayNightOut collection.

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InDayNightOut is a fashion collection that turns around the clock, not just in terms of our chronological clock, but also our biological one. It is a dialog between black and white, turning around the clock, clockwise and anti-clockwise…


Notranjost Liske

Utilizing old patterns of lace and doilies collected from all over the world and combined to form, in this case, my Human Fish* lace assemblage, separate segments were extracted from it as DNA parts and hand printed on each piece of clothing separately.

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InDayNightOut is not just a fashion collection. It is an “art to wear” collection where each dress is a unique piece, which stems from my art installations, extending into real life – in real time – day and night!  Made in collaboration with Alain Simic, New York.



Marijan Zlobec

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