Eva Petric about spirituality

Eva Petric about spirituality, science of the ‘Stem Cell Garden’ at the Eligius jewelry exhibition at MAK Vienna

Yesterday at the opening of the jewelry exhibition on occasion of the annual Eligius Award at MAK (Austrian Museum of Applied Arts) in Vienna, Fashionoffice talked with Eva Petric about her work – rosaries with embroidery-like nets enclosed in crystal pendants. The rosaries are from the series ‘Stem Cell Garden’ from 2013. The embroidery-like nets are cut out of photographs of the artist’s own shadow and represent the empirical proven architecture of human beings – the stem cells. This net in combination with the rosary (which is used in Catholic spirituality for meditation through the repetition of a series of prayers) unifies two worlds – the one which can be seen with the eyes (the empirical, science) and the one which exists in our believe (spirituality, religion). Earlier this year, Eva Petric’s ‘Collective Heart’ – a form of net which references the connections between the generations hold together even through the collective subconscious, was exhibited at Vienna St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Wiener Stephansdom). Eva Petric is born in Slovenia and lives and works in Ljubljana, Vienna and New York. Her next exhibition will open on 2nd October at the Butler Institute of American Art (Ohio); the theme: Garden Eden, Mars, Earth, believe and science.


Artist Eva Petric


Artist Eva Petric behind (image left) and beside (right) the glass showcase with the rosaries of the ‘Stem Cell Garden’ series (2013) at the exhibition ‘Eligius Award 2016’ on the opening day on 6 September 2016 at MAK (Austrian Museum of Applied Arts) in Vienna.

7 September 2016 fashionoffice – magazine

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